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It is with great pleasure that we unveil today Ninjacharts, the first business crowd-charting website!

Big data and predictive analytics have been hot topics for quite some time now and many companies offer services in this field. On the other hand, research and advisory firms are writing business reports about trends in different sectors and industries. these reports are usually published yearly or semesterly because the company requires time to compile the data, analyse the content and finally write the report. Trends reports are interesting to read as they usually provide insight in what is going on and what awaits us in the near future. That being said, nowadays everything moves very fast and what has been compiled 6 months ago, may already be considered as old information. In order to inspire managers and employees to use metrics and predictive analytics, we decided it would be interesting to develop a simple and free tool that would motivate people to share their insight and learn from others. To benchmark their metrics and measure new trends in their industry and even in their department within the company. With these precepts in mind, Ninjacharts has now seen the light!