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01/12/2022Binck– Put58.20


Philips lost today over 15% and is back at €28, due to mainly bad news related to their ventilators.
They still made €650M net benefits last year.
This is getting interesting and I decided to go for the ING strategy, by selling at 80 and buying protection at 20.
My maximum risk is €4,268 and used margin is €3,808.
If it gets back to €48 by end of 2025 I could earn about €10K, which is a 300% gain.
If it goes higher I can earn up to €25,7K; which is an excellent deal.
It’s a long term investment and a small part of my portfolio.
I should make more like that.

Note: 2 puts were exercised on 29/12/22 and the 3 others on 26/01/23, so I closed it all on that day, taking the full win.