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Date Account Action Shares Price Cost Earnings P&L
09/09/2020 Binck – Call 1 1.80


Ok, so I ended up closing this one with a €255 loss.
Few minutes after I bought the call it went down. Croock suggested to close if it goes below 350, which I did.
Of course later on it was back up.
While I lost here, I gain some good insight:

1. Never do it before leaving home or office. I had to go get Eden and had to close on my mobile. It’s important to remain in front of the laptop to analyse the chart.
2. From the start choose a stop loss point. It should be no more than 1% down. you can always get back in later if it continues down.
3. I lost $302 with a 10 points decrease which is a 2,8% decrease of the stock. This means it can go very fast up and down. This is why it is of the upmost importance to close quickly if something happens.