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Date Account Action Shares Price Cost Earnings P&L
07/31/2020 Binck + Call 5 9.00


Of course, as expected, markets are back in green with AEX above 555.
I had a little bit of time at 9am where it was at 551. I could have closed there my call spread and earn over €1K, but on the other hand, wasn’t really sure yet which direction it will take.
Now that I see it goes above 1% I decided to close it. I end my day normally with a €216 gain.
Yield of 1,73% and cap yield of 0.22%
It’s a shame knowing I could earn over €1K if I did nothing, but it was a good exercice in using additional spreads to still end with a win.
Also, I learned from it that volatility has more impact on call yield than puts; and that’s interesting.