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Date Account Action Shares Price Cost Earnings P&L
07/30/2020 Binck – Call 5 9.00


Markets continued to go down with the AEX at -3,2%.
While there is a high probability it will go back up tomorrow, it can also continue to go down.
I decided to do a call spread. My loss limit is at -€466 from strike 555, which I doubt we’ll get to.
Worst case if it goes indeed up tomorrow, I’ll close early this call spread and will probably earn above €700.
If we range I can earn up to €2K, and if it goes down I’ll loose less.
Yield for this spread is 34.39% which is really high.
I have the impression that while puts are supposed to yield more money, it looks like earning/margin is actually more interesting on the call side.
I should dig deeper.