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Ico Token Date Idea Team Roadmap Model Opportunity Score Investment Edit
FUND FANTASY FUNDZ 02/25/2018 5 4 5 4 4 8.8 1


Fund Fantasy is an Israeli trading game platform. Basically, the platform let you create trading contests of all sorts where people have to pay to participate and the winners collect a price based on these fees. The alpha version is already online and I tested it. Looks very interesting and I’m sure I’ll be using it. I might even use it as training platform.
The team looks strong, roadmap is good as platform is almost ready and the model is clean. Investing doesn’t let you earn any dividends, but then again the price is 1000 FUNDZ for 1 ETH and at pre-sale there is a 35% bonus. I will therefore invest 3ETH. It’s not much, but could be a good investment as tokens will be burned gradually.

16-02: I like the game and tested it couple of days. That being said, while you can earn playing, I’m not sure the value of the tokens will really go up. So if I purchase then it’s more for a quick buck. In this case I prefer keeping my ETH and if one day I decide to play or use it as training material then I might buy some tokens.

26-02: I ended investing 1ETH as the bonus went up to 50% and if at the end of the ICO there are tokens remaining, there will be an aidrop. Therefore, it’s worth this small investment.