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Wawllet is a company in Cyprus made mainly by Israelis with a token daughter-company in Gibraltar. The objective of the company is to create a wallet that plays the link between banks, exchanges and gold. Thus, simplifying and officializing the flow between them.
I think that it’s a great idea, but also probably one hard to put into place as all players must want to participate. (I’m not so sure about banks)
I don’t know much about the team, LI profiles are limited.
The roadmap is a bit blurry and we have to wait for 2019 to really see something.
There’s definitely potential, but I’m not sure yet about the value of the token. Might just use the service once it’s out.
They guarantee that their token will never be below $9 on their platform while the sale is at $3 (no other bonus).
It can quickly go down at the exchange, so I’m not sure it’s worth paying $3.
The ICO is 60 days long so I can wait and see.

These 3 first days, they already sold 28M tokens, for $36,5M; that’s a lot.
On the other hand, there’s no hype, no ads and a small community. They might be more focused big investors for now.

Let’s see how it plays…