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Gimmer is another bot trading platform where you can define strategies and rent others. In addition you need to use their tokens for managing it all. Gimmer connects to other trading platforms. Bascially, it’s like Mirocana without the AI. The design is really nice and reminds a bit of Fallout.
The team is young and is made mainly by tech people, so it may be lacking. Several advisers but none really famous.
I don’t know where they’re incorporated.
The roadmap is great because the product already exists and was beta tested in 217.
The pre-sale started, but you need to invest at least 10K. Crowdsale starts Feb 1.
I will probably invest in it, but still has to search for more info.

08-02: Invested 5 ETH at the last minute.
Decided to go for it by buying new ETH, because the price is low due to the big drop.
In addition it’s a nice project which also plans to implement AI in the future and the price per token is low.