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Arbidex is a new Russian exchange that will first focus on arbitrage and especially automated arbitrage. This means I can buy BTC on one exchange and sell it on another. I really like this idea. However, it’s more complex than we think. In order to make it smooth, the company will need an account on each of the exchanges with a large sum on it. In addition, they will have to legalize their entity in many different countries. The token itself is mainly used to reduce the fees, same as BNB.
The team doesn’t look that strong and the roadmap seems good.
The platform is already live as demo. It works, but has a cheap yobit sense to it. It does exists and I created an account so it’s a big plus.

While I love the idea, I prefer waiting for it to actually work and if it does, then I will buy tokens on the exchange.
So, follow closely!!!