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Ico Token Date Idea Team Roadmap Model Opportunity Score Investment Edit
EBCOIN EBCOIN 12/14/2017 5 4 4 4 2 0


EBcoin is created by the CEO of Eximbay, an Asian payment system. The idea of the coin is to replace the obsolete and expensive Tax refund system. I really like the plan. The team seems strong and the roadmap makes sense. The project focuses first on Asia and then will probably add Europe and other countries.
What I like less is the fact that the coin is mainly used to get back taxes and exchange to your own currency; which is a bit limited. I expect it also in the future to be used as a payment system. As it’s purely a utility coin, there’s no real value in buying it during ico time. ETH is going up and I expect it to continue rising, so it’s another reason not to buy during ICO.
Let’s wait and see.