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Ico Token Date Idea Team Roadmap Model Opportunity Score Investment Edit
COINMETRO COIN 12/21/2017 4 3 3 4 4 3


Gorgeous website made by the guys who own the FXPig platform. CoinMetro is basically a new trading platform with expected great and simple UI and quality service as FXpig. The company offers a mix of services including trading, wallet and debit card. In addition you have uniques features such as trading in ETF, TAM’s and the fact that traders can have their own unique coins in which you can trade. This last one is an interesting concept. FXPig is very well reviewed, so if this will have the same quality it’s a win.
The team is young and there’s not much info on them, but again if FXpig is behind, then should be ok. There’s not much to say about the advisors. The roadmap is normal and we should expect to see the platform in Q2.
The ICO starts with a huge bonus of 500%, which is now at 300%. This is only for the pre-ico and accounts for 2,5% of total supply. So it’s ok.
Used COINs will be burned and token holders will have extra advantages such as paying less.
Basically it’s a utility token like UTRUST, but one that has value to me.
I think it’s worth invest about €3K, or 3 ETH.

Decided to go for it and invested 3 ETH that I originally paid about €360. I got them at €0,07, while yesterday was still at €0,05. Shame but could be worse.