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Suchapp is an ICO created by people from HIGH TV 4K. Suchapp is supposedly going to be the first chat app for 5G. Basically it’s a Wechat that might be more advanced, though from what I see it’s more focused on multimedia and use of 4K. For the rest it doesn’t sound that impressive. The idea is good and apparently 80% of the software is already done. The team is experienced and have advisors. The model is quite basic, it’s a copy/paste with some other or additional features – but, do we really need them?
What I don’t like is that the white paper starts with tokens details. That all team members are called “Mr” and don’t have a link to a profile such as LinkedIn. In addition, they’re all connected to traditional media, which I don’t find really compatible with ICO mentality. That there are a lot of tokens and that it’s really a utility token with little value. Basically, if you’re not planning to use it in the future, there’s no point in investing.

I might look at it in the future on exchanges, but I don’t expect much before real 5G is coming out.