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Ico Token Date Idea Team Roadmap Model Opportunity Score Investment Edit
PECULIUM PCL 12/20/2017 3 4 3 2 2 00


PECULIUM is the first savings management platform to take advantage of the blockchain technology. It’s a French comapny that tries to do something between Mirocana and Crypto20. They have 3 services, none of them really explaining how it works. It seems like you invest and has to let your money. In exchange an AI will do some magic and you will get interests each couple of months. The total return seems low, speaking of 25% and then 50% of the total tokens you have. They don’t even speak about the actual return %. Moreover, it will be paid in PCL. The white paper is full of trendy magical words, the website is beautiful, but it’s all very very opaque. The team is very experienced, mainly in BI, but somehow doesn’t sound trustful. The total tokens is 20 billion!!! And only 6 Billion will be distributed!!! That’s a joke! Moreover, they expect to raise €50M with les than 30% of all tokens on the market. They even talk about future sales of reserve tokens.

What I like least is that they work with ambassadors. It really feel like an MLM.