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Coinseed is an interesting idea. The application already exists and is used in the USA. Basically, the idea is to let people invest in crypto’s in a simple way using 2 approaches:
1. Automatically collecting user’s spare change to invest in cryptocurrencies
2. Allowing our users to change their existing portfolio to another portfolio

The ICO will help open the service to the rest of the world in February 2018.
While I like the idea and might even use it, the tokens would probably not yield a high return because the business model is “cheap”. People have to often change their portfolio to pay a 1% fee and we “token owners” get 50% of the return. The bonus of 35% is good, but it seems to me it’s better worth waiting for exchange, if it ever get on an exchange as it doesn’t seem to be a priority, which on it’s own is a negative.

Wait and see.