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Portfolio management for both cryptocurrencies and ICO’s. What’s interesting is that users can create their own funds and others invest in it. It’s like a multilevel portfolio management platform. I like the idea. Like Bulltoken there is also community voting. The business opportunity here is good. Pre-sale offers a 50% discount, which is very good.
The team is Russian, so even if competent this is a red flag!
The CFO created also bitpride-fund which is doesn’t look very kosher.
The roadmap is not that great because nothing has been developed yet and the ICO results will have a strong impact.
There is no big hype yet, so this is one to follow.

I would be interested to invest again 10ETH, but it’s too early to say. Must follow this one closely.

Note 24-01: Pre-ico has very little success with $240 raised first day. That doesn’t motivate me to invest in this ico.
I’ll follow on it during exchange and might use the platform if indeed successful.