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Ico Token Date Idea Team Roadmap Model Opportunity Score Investment Edit
SIRIN LABS SRN 12/12/2017 5 5 4 4 4 8.8 0


Great project, great team, and I really want the phone. The problem with Israeli companies is that you don’t really know what to expect. It’s a big startup that manages to raise a lot of funds and delivers their products. However, it’s still a startup and their Solarin phone was not a huge success. The company had to cut staff. The business model is awesome, but will be long and hard to implement. also, it’s hard to know how much SRN tokens are required. Finally, as it’s blockchain based, it remains niche. The CEO Hogeg has a lot of experience in building trendy products such as Mobli and Yo apps, but none of them are sustainable. Normally, I should invest 3 ETH to get a phone, but there is no guarantee it will be enough. Moreover, I will have to wait a full year to get it, so it’s quite risky.

The advantage is that there is a refund up to 60 days. I will invest to get the phone and have a little bit of reserve for services, but not more.

After careful thinking I’m not sure it’s interesting to invest. I don’t know what will be the token value after the ico. It might actually go down. All I want is to buy the phone and we have to wait till end 2018. by then, the token might be much cheaper. Also, I don’t get any dividends or other real benefits. So, no pre-sale for me, but I will follow this carefully.

Note: project failed and was cancelled. No surprise here.