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Bulltoken is a lot like what I wanted to launch except with some differences. The idea is to give power to the crowd to decide what is a good ICO to invest in and filter the bad. While I believe that 1 professional is worth 100 amateurs, I also trust that this platform will attract both. The idea of using Karma to promote active and good users would also give me credibility which can be very valuable as an investment. Basically, I want to invest in order to both use the system to find and get good ICO’s, but also to contribute to my name. In addition karma can be sold to earn more ETH. The model seems to be well-thought and as other systems exist for trading such as e-Toro and they work, so why not this one. The team looks ok, with the CEO a lot of experience in asset management, trading and investing, which is good!
The one disadvantage is that I will have to wait end of 2018 to have a full and running platform. so it’s really long-term. Therefore, I prefer investing not more than 10 ETH.